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We offer solutions for safer entertainment investments

Lumière Project offers finance solutions for entertainment. Lumière solutions currently operate as technological bricks that considerably lower investment risks for recorded media investors.

Investors can now test the impact of their IP before production, they can attract fans in the metaverse, they are able to easily track how their money is spent, and they can attract new capital through rights tokenisation. With the Lumière model, investors’ risk reduces dramatically and audience engagement increases.

Manage capital flows in movie production through Elemis1, our ERP platform powered by blockchain technology

Lumière developed its own app to help finance and manage production and capital flows in film projects and during the reporting phase. Elemis offers a set of tools focused on fast production payments, increased transparency for investors, cast and crews and a reputation risk management module.

Elemis allows all financing participants to monitor production and P&A expenses remotely. This is particularly convenient in a world where a lot of productions are relocated in more cost efficient locations and can no longer travel the way they used to.

(1) An anagram for Méliès, the name of the magician who invented early film special effects and who directed the classic Trip to the Moon (1902)


Engage audiences early-on through collectible experiences, thanks to our NFT marketplace for movies and animations

Lumière proposes solutions to diminish the risk of investment in movies and entertainment. First, it turns the financing of film upside down by testing the IP with the audience. By doing so, it saves capital for films that may not have been successful. If the IP finds an audience, Lumiere maximises promotion efforts and generates income through its NFT solutions before the film is even produced.

Through collectibles, investors and content producers can test and promote their IP with their audience, and even derive revenues, before their entertainment project goes into production.


Bring investors, filmmakers, and audiences together in a trustless, immersive, and participative environment: the Lumiverse

Lumière’s Lumiverse is the trusted metamarket for safer entertainment investments. Lumière turns the way films and entertainment projects are financed upside down by testing audiences and IPs before financing the films at pre-script levels.

Lumière builds an integrated NFT and blockchain-powered open metaverse space, the Lumiverse, in Web3 where professionals and audiences alike can connect and collaborate on creative projects together through an immersive experience and in a trustless context. In a few words, an immersive Kickstarter with NFTs where filmmakers are accountable and audiences are truly engaged.


We provide a safe, transparent space for creators

We place respect, transparency, creativity, performance and storytelling at the centre of our entertainment system. We aim to build an environment where investors, talents, producers, sales agents, distributors, fans and larger communities can create hand-in-hand and trust each other. 


The Lumière Project was established to enable an ecosystem for creative productions where both money and information flows are transparent, clear and promoting fair distribution and right applications of capital.


Less waste, minimal corruption, no payment delays, better overall flow of value and ideas, that’s what this system is all about. We can deliver an exclusive space where all the creative and financing actors are fairly rewarded. Lumiere adheres to a zero carbon policy.  


Like in the early days of cinema, this is a place where creative risks can be taken and fresh content can emerge. For us blockchain technology is the perfect enabler for social responsibility and thus the projects we feature reflect that as much as entertainment.


We offer a set of tools focused on growing engagement from audiences, increased transparency for investors, cast and crews and a reputation risk management module.

our mission

Turn on the lights

Make the film industry a place where passion, creativity and transparency can flourish again.
Provide quality entertainment and share smart content with audiences worldwide.

Lumière can help investors achieve earlier and safer returns on investment, opting out of their investment within 8 to 12 months when they would otherwise be locked up for at least 24 months in the traditional entertainment model.


We can count on solid partnerships

Lumière can count on solid industry collaborations and partnerships, both in the marketing and technology space.


Meet the people behind the project

Patrice Poujol, PhD
Founder and CEO

Patrice dived at the deep end of filmmaking when he was 7 and had early experience in game development at 12 years old. He is now a EnTech and MediaTech research expert for the Hong Kong government’s roadmap on blockchain and entertainment with the Academy of Film. He has 20+ years experience in the financial industry, movie finance, and creative consultancy sectors.

Diego Roman

Currently residing in San Francisco, California, Diego is an entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience. Diego’s focus is currently on product management, but he has experience in various fields ranging from product analytics, business development and business strategy.

Sélim Oulmekki
Director of Business Development

Sélim spent the last 10 years in China working both as an independent film producer and as a film buyer for Hishow Entertainment, one of the major Chinese foreign content distributors. He has an extensive knowledge of Sino-International film business and speaks fluently French, English and Mandarin Chinese.

Gareth Hayes
Technical Advisor

Gareth was fortunate enough to be exposed to the Bitcoin white paper in 2008. He has 20+ years experience in software and hardware engineering, with the last decade being heavily tilted towards protocol-level blockchain development.

Alice Casiraghi
Brand Identity and UX

Service designer by training, Alice works as a user experience, digital transformation and circular economy design consultant. She has worked in the digital transformation space for 8 years, in Asia and Europe, in the public and private sector.

Frederik Hetsch, PhD
Finance Director

Frederik is an asset management and technology professional with over 8 years of international experience in investments and technology research. He has a passion for clean energy infrastructure, sustainable development, and start-ups and has lived between Asia and Europe for the last 11 years.


Lumière in the field

Lumière at Cannes 2022 with “Kenzo Takada: La Joie de Vivre” and our Web3 event, The Festiverse with Variety, Cineverse, and Beem
May 17, 2022
AFM Mediatech Panel series with the BGEA
Los Angeles
November 11, 2020
MIPCOM panel series on blockchain and entertainment sponsored by Sony
November 10, 2020
First film successfully tokenised in cinema history - Papicha (Nominated by Algeria for the 2020 Oscars and received 2 Cesar Awards)
Hong Kong
August 8, 2019
CBlock Seminar
Hong Kong
April 16, 2019
Hong Kong
March 20, 2019
MIT Hong Kong Innovation Node / Alibaba Jumpstarter
Hong Kong
January 23, 2019
Provenance Summit
November 20, 2018
Microwave International New Media Festival
Hong Kong
October 27, 2018
Blockchain Competition
Hong Kong
May 30, 2018
NTU | King's College Conference
August 25, 2017
Hong Kong
May 18, 2016

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The foundations of our project

This book is part of our genesis, it is based on our founder’s PhD research and explores the use of Blockchain and smart contract technologies to develop new ways to finance independent films and digital media worldwide. Using case studies of Alibaba and in-depth, on-set observation of a Sino-US coproduction, as well as research collected from urban China, Hong Kong, Europe, and the USA, Online Film Production in China Using Blockchain and Smart Contracts explores new digital platforms and what this means for the international production of creative works.

This research assesses the change in media consciousness from young urban audiences, their emergence as a potential participative and creative community within disintermediated, decentralised and distributed crowdfunding and crowdsourcing models.